Pacari- Esmeraldas 60% Single Origin Chocolate

Pacari- Esmeraldas 60% Single Origin Chocolate

Pacari are a sustainable, Eco friendly, fair trade and amazing chocolate brand.
Their ingredients are ethically and importantly organically sourced.They are not only raw and organic but also soy and gluten free so they really do cater for all intolerance’s or preferences you may have.
If you don’t take my word for it just look at the stats this company has, winning over 150 world awards since the International Chocolate Awards was founded in 2012. Last year winning 10 awards in the finals. You have to admit that is rather impressive isn’t it!

They do a massive array of beautiful chocolate products from Organic chocolate bats to drinking cocoa, gift sets, chocolate covered fruits and even wedding favors!
They also do every flavour under the sun that you could imagine and all the ones I have tried so far have been beautiful.

I have this month tried the Esmeraldas 60% Organic Chocolate Bar. This is one of Pacari’s range on single-origin dark chocolate bars from the Ecuadorian region of Esmeraldas (one of the biggest regional producers of finest cocoa).
I have really enjoyed this bar. It is a really fine smooth dark chocolate consistency, it is a little bitter but I like my chocolate that way. It is 60% cocoa after all. I do pick up almost a fruity taste to it which is surprising as it does not contain any fruits. I really like this one, it is super moreish and a delight to eat.
Any fans of a rich dark chocolate will love this one!
Much Love


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