Abhati Suisse- Body Cleanser

Abhati Suisse- Body Cleanser

Abhati Suisse

Abhati (UH-BH-AA-T-EE) is a great coming with amazing ethics. I am always happy to promote brands that I feel are both ethical and environmentally friendly. Not only this but Abhati is also 100% Cruelty Free, PETA approved and all their products are Vegan. This means I can shop with ease knowing I am buying amazing natural products with no restrictions!

Abhati is ancient Sanskirt for ‘Illuminate your soul’, this is super fitting as they pride themselves on educating and empowering young girls.

They pay particular attention to sourcing and using amazing sustainable fair trade ingredients. They have combined many beautiful ingredients to make some luxurious skin care for us all.
There packaging is also 100% recyclable which is always a must in my eyes!
“They combine the elegance of Indian Healing Botanics and Performance based Swiss Technology”. I can’t imagine anything nicer!

They have kindly recently gifted me the Periya Body Cleanser to try out;
Find it here; http://abhatisuisse.com/body-care/7/body-cleanser
I have been trying this out over the last week and I must say I love it! Right from the first impression to after using it, it really has hit the mark. It is formulated with nourishing oils, natural antioxidants and botanical extracts. It claims to cleanse, hydrate and invigorate the skin.

All Abhati products are free from nasty chemicals and foaming agents.

The scent is amazing. It is fresh yet a little musky at the same time. The notes are as follows;
topĀ Ā  : greennotesĀ  mandarineĀ  bergamotĀ  limeĀ  basilĀ  pink pepperĀ  gingerĀ  corianderseed lychee

heart : waterliliesĀ  coconutĀ  freesiaĀ  roseĀ  jasminĀ  violet

baseĀ  : cedarwoodĀ  vetiverĀ  sandalwoodĀ  benzoe

The combination of more musky tones such as cedarwood and sandalwood, with the citrus and floral combined make for a really interesting scent. It is something that is not to intense but still leaves a fresh scent. I do sometimes find natural products can smell a little earthy, or they have a very strong overbearing scent but this one does not at all!

The packaging is slick. It is different to anything I have seen before, the writing is white on a black bottle. It is fairly simple however they have slanted the writing to give it a little edge which I think works well. There is a lot of information on the bottle which is a good size and easy to read. It has a pump top which i personally prefer as it stops me pouring out and wasting too much product!

I have used this both as a makeup remover and as a general face cleanser (obviously it can be used for body also), I always do this when trying new cleansers as I like to see whether it is something I could use in one step.
So as far as washing the face goes, this works really well. As it is oil based I find it works well to unclog pours and leave the face feeling hydrated and clean. It does not foam up that much as it had only natural foaming agents, which is something I think you may find odd at first however as I generally use oils to cleanse anyway this is something that bothered me at all, and I don’t think it is something that is needed in these products. They work just great as they are!
As far as makeup removal it did a pretty good job! It was able to remove all my base makeup, It didn’t work for removing waterproof mascara but that is kind of a given. Everything struggles with that. I used it with a normal mascara and a flannel and it did well at breaking down and removing the makeup. I always do a second cleanse after as well and this product could be used for both cleanses.

I will certainly recommend this product and I will be using this regularly from now on and I feel it is a really lovely formula and scent, natural on the skin. It can also be used as an all over body cleanser to replace shower gel as well so I shall be popping this one back in the shower shortly!

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