What Will I Be Doing For Valentines…

What Will I Be Doing For Valentines…

Pacari Valentines Special

With Valentines Day just one week away it’s time for us all to make some plans.. right?
Well… This is my plan…

Hot chocolate, Pacari Andean Rose Chocolate and probably some kind of movie.
Lets face it, Valentines is on a blummin Tuesday what use is that. The kids will be home and in bed… the other half won’t get in until probably 6pm knackered from work… So I think a chill and a little treat will be just perfect.
To make my hot chocolate I used two teaspoons of cocoa powder, six chunks of Pacari Anden Rose Chocolate melted in and a spoonful of sugar… I personally don’t add any milk alternatives because I do like a dark chocolate rich taste, if you want this a little sweeter or milkier feel free to add in some soy milk or something to that affect.

Pacari as a brand are one of the best chocolate companies I have tried. They have won many awards for their fine dark chocolates. They are fair trade, sustainable and socially responsible. Can’t say better than that can you.

This flavour in particular is delicious. It is rose flavoured so if you don’t like rose then this may not be for you.It has a distinct Turkish Delight type aftertaste to it also so if you are a fan of Turkish Delight or know someone that is this would definitely be for them!
It is a dark chocolate and is 60% cocoa so it is fairly rich but not too bitter if you don’t like your chocolate to rich. (If you do like rich chocolate Pacari have other 80% bars which are amazing too!) it has the subtle aftertaste of rose leaving your taste-buds tingling. I could easily eat this bar in one and lucky for me, my other half isn’t a fan of dark chocolate… hehehe…. more for me :)!
I would highly recommend this flavour… but don’t take my word for it, it has also won the International Chocolate Award Silver Medal for the last two consecutive years… Pretty impressive!

I personally am allergic to flowers.. so that’s one item off the present ideas list. I also am 100% Vegan in my diet, fashion, makeup, cosmetics and skincare. Which makes me an awkward pain in the bum I am sure.. So hint hint… Dark Chocolate never goes a miss… and what could be more perfect than a Valentines Rose flavoured chocolate to show your love for your other half. Perfect!

My Valentines will consist of snuggles on the sofa with my Husband and some sweet treats from Pacari… What are your plans?!



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