Moo Goo Skincare & Dusty Girls Makeup

Moo Goo Skincare & Dusty Girls Makeup

Moo Goo Skincare and Dusty Girls Makeup

I was recently kindly gifted some amazing products from Moo Goo. I thought I would share my thoughts for anyone wishing to try them! They are 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan and are made using fine natural ingredients. Moo Goo is a range of skincare for all skin types and they also have a brand of makeup called Dusty Girls which again is made using natural ingredients.
I was kindly gifted the;

Shea Sorbet Butter Balm £12.50


This is a sorbet buttery balm for dry and cracked skin, especially god for heels, hands and lips. This is really really nice. It is a really soft creamy balm with a lime scent. It is really refreshing to use and not oily at all. It has a buttery consistency and takes a little while to sink into the skin so I feel best used overnight or if you aren’t popping your socks on for 10 min or so! I have used this over the last week on my feet, hands and also as a lip balm. I really love using this as a lip balm and as it is huge  I feel is is going to last me forever! It is super intensely moisturising and works great as an overnight moituriser for your lips! Highly recommend this one!

Oil Cleanser for Oily Skin £16.90


This is a cleanser, face wash and makeup remover. It is designed to pull he oils from your face to leave skin more clear and refreshed. It can be used in two ways. As an everyday cleanser or for oil removal. This is when you apply the oil and then use a warm cloth and steam your face for a few minutes. This will help to draw the oils out of the skin and can help problematic skin. I have really enjoyed trying this product. It is a little hard to stream the face for a few minutes I must admit however I feel like it has made a difference. I do have a lot of oil problems and currently a bout of hormonal acne! I have seen an improvement in my skin and it seems to be less oily which makes my makeup last longer. I can’t comment on the long term benefits as I have only had it a week now. I do love it and will let you know an update when I run out!

Dusty Girls Natural Mineral Blush 15g £15.00

This is a beautiful natural mineral blush. Since I have developed really pore skin I have really been looking into mineral and natural makeup as I feel this could really help my skin on it’s journey to normality! These are amazing. The texture is really nice, not to crumbly and a good even pigment. I have this in the shade pink ladies which is a pale pink tone with a touch of shimmer. It comes across a beautiful rose pink which can be built up to a deeper rose tone. They also sell this in the shade Golden Delicious which is more of a golden terracotta shade. These are also huge and I can see this is going to last me an age! This has now become my go to everyday blush colour. It works fabulously with pale skin.

Natural vegan Lipstick 5g £11.90


These are made using a host of natural ingredients such as JoJoba oil, Shea Butter and Vitamin E. These come in 4 shades, Guava Pink (Which I have) this is a soft pink shade, a natural light nude.
Chia Seeds which is a rich burgundy shade. Cacao Shake which is a warm mahogany and Maca Nude which is subtle more brown toned nude.
I must say I really love the consistency of these, it must be the butter and oils in them as they glide on perfectly smooth and look amazing.
The blend of micas in them leave a high pigment meaning you don’t need to add loads for the pop of colour you want. I have the shade Guava Pink and it is such a beautiful soft pink shade which makes a perfect everyday nude! I would definitely recommend these ones.

I am so happy to have found this brand. They do so many amazing skincare and makeup products to cater for every skin problem and skin tone. I would recommend these to anyone looking to become Vegan Cruelty free or just try some more natural beauty products. These have now become staples in my Skincare and Makeup collections.

Much Love


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  1. September 22, 2017 / 2:05 am

    Moo goo was one of those brands I wanted to try for my keratosis pilaris but I never did. Glad to see a review.

    • September 25, 2017 / 10:24 am

      Thank you 🙂 It is a wonderful brand. Lots of amazing products! I would certainly recommend them. I use the Shea Sorbet Daily and love it x

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