Covering Hormonal Acne- Vegan and Cruelty Free

Covering Hormonal Acne- Vegan and Cruelty Free

Covering Hormonal Acne

I for the last six months have been really struggling with hormonal acne. I stupidly changed my contraception which left me with these horrid spots I could not get rid of. It is mainly along my jaw line and cheeks.
I wash my brushes, I wash my face and I have a good skincare routine so I know I am doing everything I can to prevent it getting any worse however it just won’t go. I hope this doesn’t end in medical help as I am hoping to rid it naturally from better eating, more water and improving my skincare routine in anyway I can.
Any-who… this has severely affected my confidence and means I struggle to leave the house without my face on… makeup I mean. It has made me very insecure and since becoming Vegan it is something I have found hard to deal with as I have less makeup products to hand.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to show all and share how I cover my acne using only cruelty free and vegan products. I hope this is of some help to you guys!

The first thing I use is the Barry M Primer (Green), this gives a nice base for makeup, helps makeup to last longer. I wouldn’t say it is all that pigmented however it does go a tiny way to combating some of my redness on my cheeks.
Following this before foundation I have recently started using a colour corrector from Urban Decay, the naked skin colour correcting concealer in Green. This works well to cancel out any red areas on my cheeks and jawlines and individual spots. I did worry at first that my face just looked green however once the foundation was on top it looked absolutely fine and made my face appear more flawless.

So now I look like an alien I pop on my foundation. I have been recently using the Too Faced born this way in the shade Snow. I find this to be a medium to full coverage.. I would suggest at least a medium to full coverage when covering acne as otherwise you won’t exactly be covering them! I applied using a beauty blender (also cruelty free and vegan!).
Following this I used some concealer on those hard to cover spots and to highlight under my eyes around my nose and any other areas that are a little deeper red. I find because I am so super pale it is not only really hard to find shades that match my skin tone but also when my acne appears you can see it right from when it is first developing right through to when it is gone, it takes weeks for the redness to go down, in which time new ones have developed. I also have a lot of scarring from this and pores so it is something I will be living with forever now. So anything to help me feel more confident I am going with. Kat Von D do some great Vegan makeup products and I love her concealers, they do shades light enough for my skin and also even a white one which works great for highlighting.

After concealing I set my foundation using the primed and pore-less pressed powder from Too Faced. This is a translucent powder so we aren’t adding any more unneeded coverage.

I finished the look with some eye shadows, lipstick, mascara and contour and wala! Done. Yes, my hair is still a mess 😉 but let’s just look past that ey! And the fact I am in my dressing gown…

I find this covers the redness of all my spots, yes they are lumps and bumps and you can see I have uneven skin but this is inevitable. In real life this looks flawless to the naked eye (as long as you aren’t right up in my bloody face), this is a bright camera in bright daylight so I feel in real life it looks a little better! I would encourage you all to give these products a try if you are looking for some Vegan and Cruelty free makeup base items!

For anyone interested;

Barry M (Cruelty Free, Product used is Vegan)
Urban Decay (Cruelty Free, Parent Company are not, Product used is Vegan)
Too Faced (Cruelty Free, Parent Company are not, Product used is Vegan)
Kat Von D (Cruelty Free, Parent Company are not, Product used is Vegan)

I personally do use products where the parent or sister companies are not cruelty free as I feel it is important to support brands that are making a point of being cruelty free and hopefully this will show the other companies that this is what we want! I was super gutted to find out Too Faced were bought out! However sometimes there is no way around this. They are however still cruelty free as a brand and have loads of vegan options. This is my personal opinion on the subject however I understand how others may feel differently. I hope this was of some help to you guys!

Much Love



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