The Vegan Tuck Box

Vegan Tuck Box

The Vegan Tuck Box is a 100% vegan subscription box service taking the hard work out of finding delicious treats!

They have several boxes available from the Ultimate Box £16.50 per month (10-13 items). The Variety Box £9.50 a month (5-8 items).
They also do a gluten free ultimate and variety box for the same price.
You can pay monthly or but 3,6,9 or 12 months at a time, which is a great gift idea!
They even have their own Vegan tuck shop where you can order treats that you have liked individually, you can buy gifts and you can also buy one off and specialised boxed.

The boxes include snack foods, from popcorn and crisps, to chocolate and raw food bars. They can also include healthy and easy to make meals, such as box kits, sauces and mixes. The box changes in contents every month to keep the surprises coming!

I was gifted the Variety Box to try this month and inside I received;

– Good Full Stop Mocha & Caffeine Fruit and Nut Bar (RRP; 70p)

Being a non-coffee or mocha drinker I wasn’t all that intrigued about this product. I will say the texture is really nice, it is like a raw protein bar, squidgy yet firm and easy to chew. If you like coffee and mocha flavours you will love this one.

-SupaCorn Cocoa Popcorn (RRP £1.50)


Chocolate Popcorn, what more could you need. I had this as an evening snack whilst watching films and it was nice. It does literally taste like plain popcorn with cocoa powder on top. It is nice, a little rich however I like a dark chocolate taste so this was a winner with me.

-Raw Gorilla Munchies Lemon, Lucuma & Coconut (RRP; £1.50)

These I am not sure on. I did think I would love them as I love lemon and I love coconut, I have never heard of Lucuma before am I think this is the product I don’t like as they have an acquired taste. I like that they are small and great for snacking and the price is not bad at all. However I don’t think the taste of these is really for me.

-Terra Vegane Mac & Cheese Alfredo White Sauce
(RRP; £3.25)


Myself and the husband had this one for tea last night and it was really scrummy. I would say the mix doesn’t seem enough for the amount of pasta and it is more than enough for two portions which is great. It taste what I remember mac and cheese to taste like and was super filling. Highly recommend this one.

-Mackies Haggis & Cracked Black Pepper Crisps (RRP; 80p)

When I first picked these up I was a little skeptical. I didn’t think I would like them however they were really lovely. I have never eaten Haggis so can’t exactly compare them in flavour however they were very moreish!

-Solkiki Tahitian Nougat White Chocolate Bar (RRP; £5.00)


This was delicious… delicious. It is rather pricey for a bar of chocolate I must say so a little high end. I am unsure whether on a ever day basis I would pay that much for a chocolate bar however it was worth the price. It was a delicious melt in the mouth chocolate with a peanutty after taste. Scrummy.

So in total my box contains 6 items at a cost price of £12.75
This is of course more than the box cost at £9.50.
I would say that this is subjective. I feel some would love it and some would not however I really do. I must admit I would never on a normal day pay £5.00 for a single chocolate bar. However I feel it is nice to have a mix of cheaper items and brands and some ore luxurious ones. It is a great way to find new Vegan foods to try and brands so that you can research their other Vegan products.
It is always hard converting your diet completely, especially to something as complex as a Vegan diet. Once you crack it, you will be fine. This is a great way to find those brands to help you on your way. Also fab for confident vegans to take the time out of hunting for Vegan snacks and o introduce them to brands they may not have previously tried.
It is value for money as you are getting a little more than what you have paid in.


Not only is this box 100% Cruelty free and Vegan, Vegan Tuck Box use fully recyclable materials and are Eco friendly which is fabulous. They also donate 10p from each box to Vegan causes each month.

They are the Winner of Viva’s best New Vegan product award (2014) and are still going strong. Do you love the box too? Have you not tried it?

Use my 20% discount code at checkout “blog20” and try one for yourself!

What do you think to January’s Vegan Tuck Box?



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