Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes

Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes

Makeup Revolution Palettes

I have heard so much lately about the makeup revolution palettes and how they make good dupes for the naked palettes. Before going vegan Naked 2 from urban decay and more recently this year Naked 3, were my go too everyday and night out eye-shadow palettes I would always reach for. Since becoming vegan I have found some I would love however cannot afford to replace more of my stash and literally now have no eye-shadows left.

I stumbled across Makeup revolution online and was super happy I did. They are 100% cruelty free and have lots of vegan options. The packaging is nice. The price is super cheap, at only £4 each! I picked these ones up from super-drug;

I feel they are great for the price and can be built up nicely to create many many looks. I would highly recommend these to any Vegans on a budget!

Iconic one
This is meant to be the dupe for the original Naked palette. I have popped some swatches below. I found the lighter colours don’t show all that well with this one as they are too similar to my skin tone. It includes some light pink and mauve tones, some neutral matt browns and some shimmery browns. Also a shimmer blue grey and glittery navy. The only issue I have with this one is that there are only two fully matt shades, so crease shades. I would have liked there to be maybe the littlest shade matt, or a darker shade also… just to even it out a little more. If you love a deep smokey purple/blue eye with neutral undertones you would love this palette.

Iconic 2
This is too replace my precious Naked 2 palette that I chucked out a long while back. Although I can’t compare side by side from what I remember this one looks pretty

accurate! It is more of a neutral palette with gold undertones, some shimmers and matts!This one has a light sand matt shade for highlight and a darker matt for crease work which does highly resemble nooner from naked 2! there is also the nice shimmery gold, bronze and dark gold shades. Some shimmery browns and coopers and of course the dark brown and a matt black. This is the perfect palette for neutral smokey eyes. It is build-able so great for days and nights. One of my new go too’s!

Iconic 3
I only had naked 3 for a little while however I feel this is a good match. Obviously the consistency and pigment don’t really compare to Urban decay however the colours once built up a little are pretty close! This one is more for the pink/mauve smokey eye lover. I do really love lots of the shades in this one. There is a lovely light pink matt for highlight or accents. A shimmery glitter pink and shimmery mauve. A matt mauve. some nice shimmery rose gold and copper shades. Two matt brows for crease work. Some deep gold and brown shades and also some much darker browns. It does have a good range of colours. I feel it is a little heavy on the brown side, it could have done with maybe a darker mauve or pinky tone…or even another darker matt brown or black. But overall pretty nice!

I would certainly recommend trying these out for £4.00 a pop. and watch out for super-drug deals. When I bought mine they has a spend over £10 and get a free palette

so I also have the revoholic cheek palette. They often also do deals such as buy one get one free or buy 2 get one free!

Much Love



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