Pacari Chocolate

Pacari Chocolate

Pacari Chocolate
Struggling for a gift this Christmas! Why not place a last minute order for Pacari Chocolate. This is delicious! 100% Cruelty free, ethical, sustainable and delicious. It is also Vegan!

As we all know I really love chocolate and Pacari have to be one of m favourite brands. They have kindly sent me over this moresih Cherry flavour for me to try. You can buy these in individual bars, Boxes, miniatures, gift sets and more. I need to try their drinking Cacao soon as that also sounds delicious for these cold winter months!
Cherry Chocolate;

The new cherry chocolate bar is amazing. I am not the biggest fan of actual cherries however cherry flavored things I love! This 60% Cacao which means it is fairly bitter but not too rich and overpowering. The cherry is sweet, and the combination leaves a lovely even neutral tone to the chocolate. It is in no way bitter like some dark chocolate is, and it isn’t too sweet either. It has the little aftertaste twang of cherries which is really pleasant. It reminds me of a Knickerbocker! A delicious dark forest gateau or something like that. The combination of chocolate and cherries will never fade away and I feel this would be a firm favourite for all the family…. not that I plan to share mine of course 😉 ha ha
Recommend this flavour and brand 100%. They have something for everyone so check out their website and shop below and see if anything tickles your fancy this festive time of year!

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