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Barry M Haul

Mini Barry M Haul

I have never really tried Barry M products all that much before becoming Vegan however they are 100% cruelty free and have loads of Vegan options, so I thought I would grab a few of there products and see what I thought of the drugstore alternatives. I find good Vegan makeup hard work to find in the drugstores here in the UK, so hoped this would be a great alternative to it’s high end counterparts!

Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Primer- £5.99
I bought this Barry M Primer in the hope it would be  a good cheaper drugstore alternative to the high-end brands. It feels in texture quite silicone like, it is smoothing and leave the skin looking matt and smooth. It gives a good base for applying foundation and works well with all the foundations I have used it with. I bought the colour correcting formula which is green. I can’t really say that it does much to correct the redness in my face as the green tone quickly dissipates. However I feel the formula does work very well.

Barry M Flawless Matte Foundation- £5.99
I was pleasantly surprised with this foundation! I  did at first think that the colour was going to be too dark as it seems darker in the packaging. I have this in the shade porcelain as I am very fair skinned. The consistency is nice and it blended nicely. I would call this a medium coverage. It didn’t cover my dark circles or acne scarring that well however it did even out my skin tone, get rid of general redness and discoloration and left the skin looking still like skin which was fabulous!

Barry M Flawless Finish Concealer- £4.49
Next I picked up the concealer to match the foundation. This I have in the shade ivory as they did not seem to have it in a porcelain shade. However it is very light and matches nicely. The brush I found odd, I was expecting a hard wand however this is more of an actual bendy bristle brush which is fairly thin. I assume this is for spot correcting. I found the formula of this to be fairly thin and not all that pigmented. It worked well at covering my redness around my nose and cheeks, however for spot correcting I found once blending as it was so thin it didn’t work as well.
It helped cover dark circles a little but not as much as I would have liked!

Barry M Flawless Matt Perfecting Powder- £5.99
This one I really like. I have this in the shade light. I was worried at first it would be too dark as it isn’t super light however it blended really nicely into the skin. It gives a very nice matt pigmented finish without looking cakey. It also doesn’t settle into my fine lines, wrinkles, smile lines or under eyes. It gives a nice depth to the face whilst holding in place my foundation and concealer. I was very impressed with this one, given it is only £5.99 it is a bargain. It also has a sponge applicator and mirror in the base. Recommend this one!


Barry M Glitterati Nail Varnish- £3.99
I ordered the glitterati nail polish just in time for Christmas as I feel Christmas isn’t Christmas without a glittery toe! I did originally order the shade Fashion Icon I believe which was a glittery blue however they sent the wrong shade 🙁 and I received Socialite. However this is a very lovely glittery deep purple so I decided to keep hold of it as it is really beautiful all the same! I did email them and they sent me a replacement.. however they sent the wrong shade again.. so I gave up. I now have two of the wrong shade polishes… but.. never mind!
It has little flecks of iridescent glitter than shimmers in all different colours. I found a few coats gave a good coverage.. however if you want a very very sparkly look use a sponge and cotton bud to apply and it looks amazing!

Barry M Nail Polish Plumpy TopCoat- £2.99
I chucked this in my basket too as I realised I had got rid of all my top coats as they were not Vegan. This one is cruelty free and vegan and a must have if you are a nail polish lover. This one works really well over glitters as it is a more shiny top coat as apposed to a mattyfying one. Recommend this combo, especially great for those upcoming X-mas Parties!


I am really happy with my purchases and feel Barry  M as a brand may become one of my favourite drugstore brands. They are Cruelty free with lots of Vegan options so I will certainly be looking out to get some more of their range shortly!

Much Love


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