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Aleva Naturals

Aleva Naturals

Aleva Naturals is another wonderful natural based skin care brand I have stumbled across, they specialise in baby skincare, nappies and wipes and maternal care. They also make travel version too which is fab. I was kindly gifted some of their range to try on my little princess… although I used them on my 5 year old too… because whatever is natural and gentle is good for all ages in my opinion not just little ones!

Aleva natural is 100% cruelty free, free of nasties and chemicals and also completely Vegan which means I am able to shop on their site with ease and safety knowing that all the products are suitable for my children, myself and are good for our skin.

2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash


The first thing I was really happy to receive was the 2 in 1 Hair and Body wash. This is a really good size at 200ml and has a pumpy topper, which is great for pumping straight onto the little ones head and she also loves it to be foamed on her hands and help me rub it in which is great fun for her. It squirts out a good amount and just a few pumps does us fine. I always find products with pump tops as opposed to pouring ones last a little longer as you don’t tend to use as much each time.
This is specially formulated for eczema prone skin. It is enriched with Tea Tree oil which specifically helps sensitive skin and even claims to help lift that stubborn cradle cap.
I wish wish wish I had this when my son was small as he had the worst case of cradle cap ever and he had it for years. It was a nightmare! However luckily this time around my daughter was lucky enough to by pass this issue. She is very fair skinned, as is my son, and I always find the sensitive option to work nicely for them. My son has some dryness too and I have found since using this and the moisutriser together it has worked nicely to moisturise his him.
I also really like the fact this is a 2 in 1 product. It makes life so much easier.. and less cluttered! To have one product that both washes the body and the hair.
This is made for toddlers and baby. My daughter is two and my son is five and I use this on both of them. To be frank I would and have used this myself as I think anything that is sensitive and natural is good for all ages!
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Daily Soothing Moisturizer

The next item we tried was the daily soothing moisturiser, this again is a great size at 240ml and again is meant for eczema prone skin.
This claims to help soothe dry and chapped skin. It is a sensitive moisturiser to help baby and toddlers skin to heal and feel more moisturised. As I said I have used this on my sons arms as he get dryness on them and it seems to have worked a treat. They feel soft, less sore and flaky. It includes a soothing blend of Oatmeal extracts, Bisabolol and Vitamin D. This is a thumbs up from us!
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Bamboo Baby Wipes

We have also tried out the Bamboo Baby Wipes. I have them in the travel sizes but they can also come in the 80 wipe pack size. They are unbleached so a natural off white to cream colour and are enriched with natural and organic oils. These are lovely and soft on my toddlers bum. We are currently looking into potty training so this is a must have for all the accidents we are sure to be having shortly.
These can also be used on all areas of the body which is handy and for all ages. I must admit I did steal a pack for myself for my handbag.. always nice for freshen up!
They are 100% biodegradable in just 21 days which is a massive step for the environment making these a super eco friendly alternative to standard wipes.
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Calendula Skin Remedy

Lastly we have the Calendula Skin remedy. This is a 50ml cream that claims to provide deep hydration which will improve minor skin irritations. Again this perfect for dry, chapped and eczema proned skin.
Calendula is anti inflammatory, anti viral and is used for calming and reducing inflammation. This can be used on face, body and diaper area.
I have used this on all of these and it has worked lovely. We don’t have any scratches or sore areas as such but a little redness, and this has prevented and rashes or sores approaching anywhere which is great. I have even been using this on my own face. I have really really problematic skin, including a big bout of hormonal acne at the moment and some oily sections, some dry sections.. the whole shabang. I have been using this at night for a few nights now and it works great for hydrating over night and soothing any irritation on my skin. It is fab!
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I would certainly recommend this brand to any busy mums out there. It has some fab ethics and products!

Much Love


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