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Komodo Clothing

Komodo Clothing

Komodo is an amazing ethical clothing brand based here in the UK. They are part of the Ethical Fashion Forum. “With a mission to support and promote sustainable practices, facilitate collaboration, raise awareness and provide the tools and resources needed to reduce poverty, reduce environmental damage and raise standards in the fashion industry”.

They have lots of beautiful clothing and accessories made from sustainable materials such as Organic Cotton, GOTS Certified Hemp, Bamboo, Rayon, Soya, Linen, Tencel and Recycled Rubber.(Please note not all products are Vegan as some are made using Wool, however lots are suitable for Vegan and are all very clearly labelled and described!)

I recently tried a little bundle of Komodo Jumpers and decided to chuck together a little fashion look book for you guys. I am the average UK women at a sturdy normal size 14, with a pear shape…and a big bum! So hopefully this will help you see how Komodo fits all :)!


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SIEN Organic Cotton Art Knit Jumper

I was pleasantly surprised when this arrived in the post, to be honest this was the one on the hanger I was least excited about but actually now my FAVOURITE!
The organic cotton is so silky soft and beautiful to touch whilst keeping you snug and warm and feeling luxurious.
This comes in two colours Melange (A beautiful mix of pinks, purples and mauve’s, and it also comes in a plain Teal).
It is a super oversized loose fitting top over the front and is a little shorter in the front than the back, however long enough to reach the old trousers so don’t worry about the mid-drift. The arms are tighter but not tight which I find very flattering. It has a lovely long turtle neck that you can fold to whichever height you prefer which is handy and keeps you snug and warm all winter long.
I found this jumper to be a understated statement. It is so unique, but not so “out there” you look like the odd one out. It is certainly something I would wear on a regular occasion throughout the winter. It is so darn comfy! I don’t even like turtle necks  and I have been converted!


FAI Organic Cotton Texture Knit

Another beautifully soft and luxurious feeling cotton Jumper. I am full on converted to organic cotton as it is so much nicer and more sustainable. Win Win!
This is a knit style textured jumper with a large woven knit affect. It is labelled as the colour ginger, in real life it is almost a darker rust colour I would say.. a ginger orange with a brown tone. As you can see in the pictures. It has lovely long sleeves that you can snuggle into and a high round scoop neck. This keeping the collar warm but not being a turtle neck. I find these great especially if I am wearing a heavy makeup look and can’t have a turtle neck on. It is thick and warm and can be layered easily. As this jumper is such good quality I can assure it will last me years and years with no need to replace it. I feel these jumpers are more than worth the  money. I was hesitant on the colour of this initially as I am blonde and have always been warned Orange and Blonde don’t go, but I feel the deep tone of this works well even with my blonde hair. It is a beautiful autumnal and winter jumper!


RIBY Organic Cotton Texture Knit Jumper

This is another beautiful turtle neck however this one is a knit design. A smaller knit than the FAI but still an obvious knitted jumper texture. It is thick and cosy with nice long sleeves. There’s nothing worse than short sleeves on a snuggly jumper don’t you agree! The turtle again can be folded to your own specification. It comes in a beautiful teal colour which is really flattering for every colouration I believe! This one feels a little heavier when wearing, it can be layered easily and can be dressed up or down for smart or casual wear!
A beautiful jumper for those school run days, long work days or strolls on the beach! I will say this one comes off a little see through as the knit design is with a thinner material.. it is nice and warm however you do need a vest or shirt under it.. unless you want people to see the old undergarments.
Buy it here; (SOLD OUT)


CHII Organic Cotton Art Knit
This one reminded me so much of a mans jumper, I do still think this could be unisex! It has a round scoop neck and is a thinner jumper, this can be layered over vests or shirts, and could be layered under jackets coats and more. It looks great with jeans or skirts and could again be worn as work wear or casual. It is a combination of the above colours so a lovely teal on the back and arms, layered over is the cool rust pattern. The two colours contradict each other in such a way that it looks trendy and young. The jumper is a tighter fit and shows your figure more than the other jumpers above. I would say this is a great everyday indoor jumper for the colder weather unless paired with a jacket.
Again this one is super soft Organic cotton and really nice and warm and comfortable. If your looking for a unique trendy organic print jumper this one is for you!
Buy it here; Sold Out


This brand make amazing ethical sustainable clothing which are of amazing quality. I would definitely recommend these to anyone!

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