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Klo Organic Beauty

Klo Skincare

I was recently kindly gifted some of the Klo Organic Skincare Beauty range to try.

Klo Organic Beauty are free from toxins and chemical and are 100% organic and natural. Using RE3 and Anti Ageing Serum together claims to have dramatic results. It claims to leave you with more smooth and radiant skin, brighten complexion. balance oil production, make skin clear and make pores smaller  and decrease the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
These are some big claims but with great reviews I thought this would be a great product to try. The brand are also 100% cruelty free and vegan which is a big big plus.

The set can be bought together or as separates and includes two items. The Klo RE3 and the Klo Serum. Each comes in two forms, the normal to oily or the normal to dry. To cater for most skin types.

Klo RE3

This product I have in the normal to oily category as I have an oily t section. It is a cleanser. It claims to remove makeup, refresh skin and restore moisture. I have used this on several occasions now and feel it works well as a cleanser. It is very runny and is more of an oil than a serum. However it glides through make up seamlessly and removes all dirt and grime from the face.

Klo Serum

The serum I am less of a fan of. This is to calm, soothe, heal and balance skin. It claims to regulate oil production which eases symptoms of acne prone skin. I do have acne prone skin, especially at the moment as I have swapped contraceptive and have a load of hormonal acne on my jaw line which is driving me mad. I feel this could be good for my skin once I get used to it. I feel this is a very oily serum.. and it doesn’t not sink into the skin very quickly and leaves you basically well.. oily.. and being an oily person I am not a fan of it. I will however continue to use this and update you guys on whether it helps with the acne issues at all and how I feel they work as a pair. As at the moment I am preferring the cleanser to the serum. I have heard great things about treating oil.. with oil. SO I am determined to make this work… I just find when my face feels oily.. it does not feel clean. Also as I tend to wash my face shortly before bed, it all ends up in my pillow anyway! Perhaps I should wash earlier and give this a lot more time to sink in and go from there.

Update; I have now been using the serum on a much more regular basis. I have undergone some hormonal treatment for my acne issues which has resulted in super dry skin in areas and I have been using the serum alongside the RE3 Cleanser to help hydrate my skin. I have started using this as an intensive overnight treatment. I will still say it is oily to the skin however as an overnight treatment it sinks into the skin gradually and allows my skin to still feel hydrated by the morning. It has helped heaps with my dry skin issues and has helped me heal these quickly. I would recommend the serum for anyone looking to help tackle their acne or someone who has dry or combination skin. 

I do love the fact the brand are natural and use all natural ingredients. The cleanser is a really nice consistency and works really well. The serum I am working on! Hopefully this will be a match made in heaven!

Much Love



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