Karma Cola

Karma Cola

Karma Cola

Karma Cola is such a unique brand. It is a cola and drinks company, made using good organic ingredients, fair-trade ingredients and a touch of unbleached sugar. With the slogan Drink no Evil.. they are just that, guilt free delicious drinks!
I also love the bottles of these drinks, they are so unique and querky. They are beautiful and comical and so fitting for such a distinctive brand.

The range includes 3 delicious flavours

The original Karma Cola. The ethical take on coca cola. This is made using real cola nuts grown by the Mende and Temne People in Boma, Sierra Leone.
Not only are they delicious drinks and paying a fair wage for farmers Karma Cola are also giving back by establishing that proceeds from each bottle are donated to the grower’s families to re-establish their lives after the civil war.
This tastes just like cola sweets. It is sweet with a slight fizz and prominent cola flavour. It sounds daft… but it has a stronger Kola flavour that well… Cola… I think normal Cola is so fizzy you don’t get the strong taste. This really is delicious!

Another flavour is the Lemony. As you may imagine this is their take on Lemonade. The drink used organic lemons and organic sugar cane to create a delicious fizzy lemon juice. This reminds me so much of American lemonade. I have been traveling to America for many years and have always loved there lemony lemonade. Our common lemonades in the UK don’t really actually taste like lemon, so I really appreciate the pure lemon taste. Sweet yet tangy and so moreish! Definitely my favourite of the three.

The last flavour they sell is the Gingerella. This is made using ginger , organic and fairtrade made by farmers in sri-lanka, a take on ginger ale.
I must say I wasn’t the biggest fan of this one as this isn’t my favourite flavour. I am not much of a fan of ginger. However I will say this does taste like ginger/gineraid.. so if you like the taste of ginger I am sure you will love this one! I think this may also be the most beautiful drinks bottle….I have seen. It’s a piece of art!

I would certainly recommend this brand. They now sell in waitrose  so go grab and try one of these ethical, Eco, delicious Karma Colas!

Much Love


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