Sheer Miracle Vegan Makeup

Sheer Miracle Vegan Makeup

Sheer Miracle

I was recently kindly gifted some lovely products from Sheer Miracle to try. I have really been wanting to try mineral makeup for a long time so was really happy to have received these.

Sheer Miracle is made for those with ultra sensitive skin. Meaning it involves no harsh chemicals and preservatives that could irritate skin. Sheer Miracle is based around mineral makeup using natural ingredients that are also organic, fair trade and locally sourced which is absolutely amazing!
Not only are the products 100% Cruelty free they are also trying to be more ethical and Eco by using sustainable recyclable packaging.

So after all of this I was happy to find out they also have some Vegan Options available! They have lots of amazing Vegan Brushes, Vegan skin care and even some Vegan mineral makeup.

All of Sheer Miracle Makeup is Vegan except the Pencil Me In Eyeliners and the Cream Concealers (Contain Beeswax).. which means I am able to shop with relative ease!

I have been using these products on a daily basis for a week or so now and they have not made my skins any worse, in face they seem to be helping  my silly hormonal acne to clear up a little!

I have been making the natural makeup but no makeup look during the week using Sheer Miracle and am really enjoying how light it is on the skin but still giving the coverage I have needed!

Products Used;

Light Cool Mineral Foundation $19.00

I was kindly gifted a few different colour sample of the mineral foundation to try and as I am super duper pale I didn’t expect any of them would suit however I feel the Light Cool does actually suit me. It is fairly sheer with a matty-fying finish so i found it blended with my skin tone rather than overrode it which was really nice.
It covered a lot of my scarring and imperfections fairly easily however it didn’t quite manage some of my more aggressive spots I have had over the last few weeks which is fine, so I went in with a little conceal after and the finish was wonderful. It left the skin soft smooth and looking like natural skin.

HD High Definition Mineral Finishing Powder $17.00

The HD mineral finishing powder is really nice. It is one of those products that is so versatile. It can be used as a light dust to smooth out skin tone and imperfections. It can be used as a mattifier or makeup setting powder and it can also be used to bake.
I recently used this to bake under by eyes and contour. I also used to to set fine lines and wrinkles. I found it didn’t cake at all and left a very natural even coverage. It also does a pretty good job at oil controlling and mattifying skin.. I wouldn’t say for 24 hours. I topped up half way through the day. However I felt it left my skin actually looking like skin for once which was really nice.
This also has no talc so is not drying on the skin and leave the skin feeling soft smooth and perfected! I am certainly a fan of this one and will be continuing to use it!

Mineral Bronzer $19.00

So this one did scare me a little I must admit. I do find when there is only one for all, shades in products, they generally really don’t suit me at all as I am so far to one end of the skin tone spectrum.
This is a tad to warm for my skin tone I would say however I literally used the tiniest bit on my temples and my cheek bones to give a chiseled contoured look and I blended it within an inch of its life and it blended into the foundation well leaving a flawless contoured coverage which I actually though made me look natural. and a little sun kissed at the same time.
I can see this being my go to bronzer in the spring and summer months, when you never know.. I may have a little tan.

Mineral Blush

The Blush again I feel is more of a spring summer colour as it is so vibrant, A bright pop of pink. It is an absolutely beautiful colour and suit pale skin well which I am super happy about! Again as I am so pale I only needed a tiny tiny bit as the colour pigment payoff is really vibrant. I can again see this lasting me an age which makes these a great value for money item. This is a lovely subtle colour on me that can be worn on an everyday basis which is great. It again like all the other products has a smooth soft skin like finish.

Goddess Pure Mineral Eyeshadow $11.00

The last product I have tried is the Pure Mineral Eyeshadow in the shade Goddess. This is a beautiful silky shimmery Brown shade with a bronze glow. It is stunning. I used this in my crease and on the third outer of my lid and blended that into a lighter shade and it created a beautiful smokey everyday eye look. It could also be applied all over the lid and blended up to the crease for a more dramatic eye look.
The eyeshadow is a wonderful consistency and glides onto the lid well and blends easily into other eyeshadows however it does make fall out. Even after tapping the brush before using there was still a little on my upper cheeks to wipe away.
When doing a darker dramatic look I tend to do my eye makeup first, which would mean this wouldn’t be an issue however it is something to watch for when you use loose eyeshadow pigments like these.
They also have a wide array of beautiful shades to choose from which I look forward to trying one day!


Another amazing thing about all these products is that they contain SPF, which means you don’t need to worry about sun protection whilst wearing these products. In the summer months I like to double up because I burn so easily. But not a lot of people think to use SPF all year around to protect there skin, and this is a great way of doing it without needed extra products. Bonus!
The products are also a fair size, the foundations and powders used most often are around a 90 day supply for around $17-20 which is a good mid range price. The Blushers, Bronzers and Eyeshadows used regularly and sparingly can last up to one year for the same price point which I feel is a really good value for money!
(Please be aware if you are UK based like me, shipping and handling fees will vary)

The only thing I will say about all of the above products. I really do like the consistency of them and the natural feeling they give. However the only issue I have come across is the pots themselves aren’t amazing, they are difficult to open and shut.. without making a mess. I cannot use these without some form of towel on my lap because the pots aren’t huge, its hard when using an average to large brush not to make a mess with tapping of excess…I have been decanting into a pot or plate but find this way I get more wastage.. so this is still something I need to figure out! I may potentially buy some larger pots to put them in to save wastage
I would definitely recommend Sheer Miracle to anyone looking for mineral makeup for sensitive skin!

Much Love







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