Primal Pantry Raw Bars

Primal Pantry Raw Bars

Primal Pantry

I recently discovered the brand Primal Pantry and I am so happy I have. I have found it hard to find Vegan snacks that actually taste delicious which aren’t packed full of sugar. The Primal Pantry sell tasty, nutritious raw food bars which are all 100% Paleo, Vegan and Gluten Free.

I have recently been gifted the trial pack to try out each flavour.
They sell two different forms of Raw Bars, The Primal Bars and the Protein bars.

The protein bars are potentially the most healthy protein bars I have seen over the years. For any fitness enthusiast or someone keeping an eye on their protein intake these are a quick nutritious way to top up! They have 21% of protein per 55g bar which is a good amount. They are made up of hemp protein, coconut nectar and real fruit ingredients.
They come in two flavours, Cocoa Orange and Mixed berries. I really loved these, I find the raw bars have almost a cakey/brownie consistency. They can be a little sticky but then crumble in the middle which I find to be a really nice texture. The flavours are delicious. The mixed berries has a tang and twist of berries which leaves a delicious sweet yet sour taste, whereas the Orange and Cocoa, chocolate orange, is just that. A scrummy blend of chocolate orange which is for sure my favourite flavour at the moment!
They have a small amount of ingredients but are packed full of protein and super-foods. Can’t really go wrong here!

I have also sampled all of the Primal bars and I love these too! These come in five different flavours;
Coconut and Macadamia
Almond and Cashew
Apple and Pecan
Hazelnut and Cocoa
Brazil Nut and Cherry

These again are 100% vegan, paleo, gluten and soy free. They are made up of natural whole ingredients making them a super healthy on the go snack.
The most popular is the Coconut and Macadamia. I must admit it is darn delicious! It is made with only 5 ingredients which is absolutley amazing. This is such a nice exotic flavour that any coconut fan will love. They also have the more zingy fruit flavours such as Apple and Pecan, and Brazil nut and Cherry. Nothing goes together like fruit and nut of course. The tangy taste of the fruit and smoothness of the nuts is to die for.
My personal favourite though is the Hazelnut and Cocoa.
To me this is like a brownie cake bar heaven.
The texture is light and fluffy, yet dense from the nuts. The chocolaty taste is rich and the smooth hazelnut works beautifully inside. I could literally eat these all day long.
These are a perfect size for an on the go healthy snack that can be chucked in your handbag for that needed energy boost!
They are absolutely great for a quite mid day pick me up or even pudding with a nice cuppa!

You can purchase these at all good supermarkets and stores such as Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys, Ocado, Super drug, Holland and Barratt and more! So you have no excuse not to try one of these!

I am also super happy to see they have made a Primal Pantry advent calender. This is so querky. A healthy food bar each day for December.. yes please! It such a great gift idea for a Vegan friend or family member and much more substantial than the everyday small chocolates you get in some advents now a days. These will not only be appreciated but also help your loved one get through the day with the super food goodness that’s inside!
Hint Hint Husband?!

Much Love


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