Pacari Ginger and Chia Chocolate

Pacari Ginger and Chia Chocolate

Pacari Premium Organic Chocolate

As you all now know I really like the brand Pacari for delicious chocolate.
Pacari is 100% Cruelty free and ethical making your delicious chocolate experience guilt free.

There are no artificial contents, no soy or gluten and Pacari have even won more than 90 awards in the last 4 years.

I have just tried another of their delicious chocolate bars, this time being the Ginger and Chia Bar
Ginger & Chia Organic Chocolate Bar (60%)

One of Pacari’s latest new arrivals is this yummy Ginger and Chia chocolate bar.
There is something about the warmth of Ginger that makes this taste like Autumn and I love it. It is a perfect fit for the approaching cold weather.. well.. already here in my neck of the woods!
This bar is made using the finest organic Arriba Nacional Cacao Beans, ginger and chia seeds.
This claims to be energy boosting and anti ageing whilst providing protein, fats, carbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
You don’t have to tell me twice.. anti ageing… and chocolate. Isn’t life good!

This bar is of course gluten and soy free. Vegan and free from nasties!

I really enjoyed this bar, I am a big fan of ginger in the colder months and the added chia seeds gave it a nice little twist. The initial bites reminded me of being a young child and eating popping candy as the chia seeds almost sizzle on the tongue and then you are hit with the aftertaste of the ginger which is really comforting. It is such a unique taste however very likable and I feel anyone who likes ginger would of course love this too.

I would certainly recommend this brand as I feel their ethics are spot on and note worthy. They make delicious products and have something for everyone in their collection.
I look forward to trying more flavours!

Much Love


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