Review- Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

Review- Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara

I really like the Brand Too Faced
They are, I would say a mid to high end brand and one of my favourites. Their products are really luxurious and outstanding quality.
Too Faced are also 100% Cruelty free and have a nice variety of Vegan Options. One of which being the Better than Sex Mascara which I will have a ramble about today.

Firstly a little pre-warning… the waterproof version of this mascara is not Vegan.. only the original pink packaging!
14915010_10154044244785866_1806066045_nI was super excited when this landed on my door step a few weeks back. I have wanted this mascara for an age! The packaging firstly is beautiful. It is in a pink metallic frosted packaging with imprinted words Better than Sex. It is very weighty which makes it feel expensive!

The brush itself is a nice briskly hourglass shaped wand, not a plastic cheap version which I hate! It is a large size which means you can get all those lovely lashes in one!
I have been using this a lot over the past few weeks and have found it to be amazing. I have it in black, and it is just that, blacker than black. It makes my lashes look full, separated and lifted. It is also build-able for a bigger thicker false lash affect.
It is also very easy to apply in just a few sweeps. The brush is just the right shape to get easily into the corner and the roots without coating your eyelids with product.. which I seem to do.. every single time I put mascara on… which.. well.. is a pain right!

The only thing I would love with this is that the waterproof version to be Vegan too, as it is always handy with the non glorious Cornish weather to have this option.. also for holidays, swimming, water parks, it’s always nice to have a few coats of mascara to make you feel more human.

I feel like Too faced have made some vital steps to being Vegan friendly and I couldn’t be happier to know now I am Vegan I am able to still use some of their products! I will be uploading a “What can I buy that’s Cruelty Free and Vegan” from Too faced tomorrow at 6pm! So if you are interested check back here then to see the full list of Vegan products!

The better than sex mascara is £19.00 which is I would say is a mid to high range for a mascara however this one is well worth the money. It can be purchased from the main Too Faced website here;

However I personally bought mine from Debenams here in the UK, it is also £19 but currently 10% off so £17.10 here;
I am able to save a few pounds and add some points to my Beauty card so feel it’s a little better for me to buy it from them! I always suggest shopping around for the best deal!!
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