Beaming Baby Training Pants

Beaming Baby Training Pants

Beaming Baby Training Pants

So.. the time is approaching when we need to potty train are little Princess… The dreading potty training.. The pee over the entire house.. the endless amounts of bed sheet washing and additional clothing….

We are planning to go full force potty training in the Christmas season, Yes you may think I am crazy.. and maybe I am! However at this point myself, little man, baby girl and daddy will all be home for a few weeks which will help a lot in the early stages.

I have however been looking into getting her trying some training pants/ pull ups, just so she understand the motion of pants in the run up to potty training. She was actually in reusable nappies from newborn up until a few months ago, when she developed a reaction to most of the nappies we owned.. So we have been in disposables since then.

I stumbled across a brand called Beaming Baby and was really happy to see that they sold Biodegradable nappies, I feel this is a good middle ground between nasty disposable nappies and amazing reusable ones! So I at least feel a little less guilty about the waste we are making.

Beaming Baby are a company that sells organic and Eco friendly baby products. They have ranges from Nappies, training pants and wipes, to toys, bedtime products and gifts. They also stock many other brands including their own made brand.

We were kindly gifted some of their training pants to try.
We have them in Size 8 Large which  is designed for 15-18kg or 33-44 lbs. I know its awful but I have no clue what my hefty kid weighs.. however she is pretty stocky.. so I’d say average at the least. She is not long turned two.. so two and a few months, however is showing signs of wanting to train.. so we are going for it!
This size fits her size really well. The waist bands are stretchy yet smooth so I feel this size will see her through her entire training.
The pack is £11.49 for 23 Training pants which I feel is a super fair price considering the Eco friendly nature of the products. That is the same as some supermarket brands I have tried. They also do bulk buy discounts if you are looking to stock up for the potty training phase! They also have a 7 day return policy where if your child reacts to the nappies in any way they will send a full refund! Which is always reassuring.

These nappies claim to reduce the chance of eczema, nappy rash and sensitive skin problems. These nappies contain 54% less chemicals than the standard average training pant and 38% chemicals in comparison to other Eco training pants) This is a relief to know my child has the most friendly nappy on her bum!

These are of course best for babies bums but also the best option for the environment. They are 77% biodegradable (and the packaging) which makes a big difference when you think of the amount of nappies sent to landfill each day.
They are all GM Free and 100% Vegan.

The training pants themselves like I said are stretchy and form fitting so Leah is able to jump around, and have a whale of a toddler time as always with no risks of spillages. We have has no issues when she has been wearing them. They seem really soft on her skin and she has not indicated they are bothering her in any way.
We have been teaching her the motion of pulling them up and down, and she is responding really well to them. Due to the stretchy nature she is able to pull them up well on her own and pull them down to use the potty (although not quite there yet!) It is reassuring she knows the motion for when it is time.

I have found these to be amazing. My daughter loves them  also and I know these are going to be so reliable when she is fully potty training. I will certainly be looking to stock up on these over the Christmas period so she is sorted and ready to go ahead with her new venture! I can also see us using these at night time for a little while too, she wore these over the last few nights and they last the full 12 hour sleep with no leaks! Yes.. we have an amazing sleeper here.. however that isn’t always great when nappies are concerned as they are sodden by the morning. These held up well! So I am certainly going to keep using these until she is ready to rid her night nappies too!

Wish me luck!

Much Love


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