Review- Tisserand Deodorants

Review- Tisserand Deodorants

Tisserand Deodorant

Deodorant… Oh My.. Finding good Vegan and Cruelty Free deodorants is like finding a needle in a haystack. It is one of the beauty products I have found hardest to find.. without spending a fortune!

I have recently tried the Tisserand ones and actually like them! Yay!!
Tisserand as a brand sell lots of lovely products, from Deodorants to hand creams, body washes, soaps and more. They are all made with beautiful essential oils. Their products contain No synthetic fragrances, No SLS, No parabens, No Chemicals, No Animal Products.
Tisserand are 100% Cruelty Free and Vegan, they use no animal bi-products and are part of the Vegan Society! Perfect.

I have recently tried the Lavender and White Mint Deodorant and the Rose and Geranium Leaf Deodorant.
These are naturally pure deodorants with a soft fragrance however 24 hour protection.

I have really enjoyed trying these out. I will say I wasn’t the biggest fan of the scent of these, especially the Lavender, but I feel that is just personal preference. I am not one for floral scents really however I needed some deodorant so thought I’d snap these up regardless. Because they are natural and lightly frangranced when wearing the scent is not so overpowering that I wouldn’t use them. I do think they last a good amount of time, they do deodorize for 24 hours I would say however if you are looking to still smell the scent of them I felt it needed a top up in mid afternoon.

These have a roller ball design so are easy to use with no mess, they are also perfect handbag size!

The texture of these is also really nice, it is runny enough to glide on nicely, however not wet feeling or sticky, they sink into the skin quickly and easily without leaving any marks on clothing.

These retail at around £5.75 which is a fair price for these as they are so good for your skin, natural and friendly.
I will certainly repurchase these ones and feel they are a great option when looking for a cruelty free Vegan deodorant!

Much Love

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