Kat Von D Lock It Creme Concealer

Kat Von D Lock It Creme Concealer

Kat Von D Lock It Creme Concealer

I have linked the main Kat Von D site below however if you are UK based like me, Kat Von D products are now available in Debenams! (Online and in most stores)

Recently Kat Von D Seems to be on mission to create many of her wonderful products… Vegan. This is great for me and all the other Vegans out there. We are now able to enjoy many of Kat Von D’s Products.
You can see a list of them on her website here; Using #VEGANALERT to share!

I recently purchased the Lock-It Concealer Creme in Light 1 and Whiteout.

I have always really struggled to find good base products due to my silly skin tone and problems. I have very very pale Cornish skin with a mixed undertone. I would guess mostly red. I also have very very dark under eye circles.. not bags.. I can sleep all day and I still look like a panda. I also am very oily.. however have breakouts which lead to dryness. I often have blemishes on my skin and have very bad redness all over my jawline, chin and around my nose which is a combination of blemishes, spot scars and old acne scaring. SO.. anyway.. I have a lot to hide!

I bought this as I saw it had really good reviews and is meant to cover all.. I was also looking into getting the foundation.

I got the lightest shade they make which is white out, thinking I am so pale, this would actually be able to give me a highlight. Which to be fair it does! However I think this is even to white for me.
It is a very very thick formula.. almost like a paint and it is very quick drying and drying in general, so you need to make sure your skin is well moisturised before use, which I am not used too… being so oily! It is a tad difficult to blend due to how thick and drying it is.. it is almost like a face paint! I gave up in the end with this one as it was so hard to use.


I have however after trying lots of different methods found a way to make this work.
What I now use this for is to highlight under my eyes and over my whole dark eye area, and this creates a nice base for eye-shadows and for foundation. I found this way it is easier to blend the foundation into this rather than the other way around. It makes it less obvious! I will say the white didn’t really cover my very darkest areas without it looking obvious so I did end up colour correcting first.
I will certainly be using this around my eyes from now on and as an under eye highlight. It doesn’t crease at all once set and does last the entire day so a thumbs up here! You just need to find the way it works for you. A little goes a long way!

I also bought the shade Light 1. which is the lightest shade they do. It again is much lighter than I even expected. The range of colours Kat has created is great for suiting all skin tones however it is a little tricky if like me you have to shop online to find the right shade. However this one does work well with a few foundations I have. Again it is very thick and not that easy to blend. It does not work at all with a beauty blender, and I have yet found a brush I like much with it easier. With this I tend to on a primed face tap this onto any blemishes and red areas I have, under eyes if I need to and then use my finger to blot it out, I found this way it stays a full coverage and more natural. A little of this goes a really long way also! I have seen so many people online slapping this on and I really don’t see how they do. I feel like a lot of the people that say it is too cakey are simply just using way to much of it!

Like I said I dab it into any areas I would normally have to conceal after my foundation, and then pop my foundation over top. I found this way it blended better, was less noticeable and gave better coverage.
I of course could always buy the Kat Von D lock it concealer brush, however I wanted to make sure it worked well first!

I would set this with my regular setting powder.
It works well baked, or not. It did not crease under my eyes once set… it does need to be set fairly quickly as it settled quickly on the face. I found concealing one area at a time worked best to save it drying out before you’ve had a chance to blend it properly.

I can tell the tube is going to last a long time. It does leave a nice high coverage matt finish which I love. It covers all my imperfections. Now I have found  a great way for me to use it, I love this stuff!

I am looking forward to trying out the foundation also! Let me know your thought’s if you have tried it!
I also need to get a really good moisturizer too for under this.. I feel like my skin is loving the added moisture for once!

I will say this probably wouldn’t work well on very dry skin as it does cling to any dryness you have.. however with a really really good moisturize you may be okay!
I would certainly recommend them for a high coverage look, maybe for filming, weddings.. any time you need to look flawless. I feel this would be heavy for everyday use. It did last all day from around 8am-10pm, which was amazing, with no under eye creases or blemishes showing through.
I am certainly impressed! What products do you love from Kat Von D?

Much Love


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