Vego Good Vegan Chocolate

Vego Good Vegan Chocolate

Vego Good Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

Okay so.. these dissapeared quicker than I would like to admit!
These are blummin scrummy! I love them.

The Vego bar is a huge size, it is 150g and well.. I can eat it in one piece. It is also 100% Vegan, fair-trade and organic.. which makes for guilt free chocolate eating.

These are made with great organic ingredients such as cocoa cream, whole hazelnuts, hazelnut paste and more to make the delicious smooth texture.
I really enjoyed scoffing this big bar of chocolate. I even made my non vegan friends try it to see what they thought. As I haven’t had milk chocolate in a long time I wanted it to be comparable. Which is was. They all said it seems a little sweeter than the average choccy bar however very similar. I also really appreciate the full hazelnuts in side as I love them and it gives the added bite and crunch texture I love.

I would certainly recommend these bars to everyone and anyone, they are delicious!

Much Love


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