Review- Eco Egg

Review- Eco Egg

Eco Egg

I was kindly recently gifted an Eco Egg Dryer egg kit to try out with our laundry and I was super happy to give this a go!

Eco egg as a company are obviously Eco friendly and ethical which is always a plus for me. They have no harsh chemicals and are environmentally friendly and good for your health. They are also 100% cruelty free which is a must!

I have used these little eggs so many times now and they have become a must have in my home.
They are the Dryer Eggs and cost £9.99 for the set of two.

These claim to reduce tumble drying time by 28%.. making utilities less. They also soften and lightly fragrance clothes.

I must say I really enjoyed using these. They reduced the time the dryer was on by a little which in turn will save me money as the tumble dryer is the least cost effective thing in the house! However I feel with our growing family of four the washing is endless and the tumble dryer is a must. The Dryer eggs also left a lovely soft fragrance on the washing that I really appreciate!
I would say they are quite chunky and make a bit of noise once they have rattled out of the washing.. so maybe not something to use if the kids are asleep. Our tumble dryer is on the opposite side of the house in our garage so this isn’t an issue here, just think it’s worth mentioning.
I would certainly recommend these to any one looking to be more money savvy and efficient!

The refills are only £3.99 for 4 sticks as well which I think is a really fair price for something that is so ecological and efficient. The fragrance sticks last for around 10 cycles so it is stated that the £3.99 refill pack will last you 40 drys!

This is an inexpensive way to fragrance clothes for sure! I now use a normal Eco washing powder and no fabric conditioner or softener as I find these natural washes and drys don’t need the added fragrance or softening that an added product would give.
I will be grabbing myself some more of these once I have used up the ones I have.

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