Wills London Vegan Shoes

Wills London Vegan Shoes

Review- Wills London

Okay, so when these landed on my doorstep  I almost died!
My first pair of solely Vegan and ethical shoes… I fell in love… I want all the shoes..!
Wills London is a cruelty free, animal friendly shoe emporium!
The entire range is free from animal bi products and also ethical, workers are paid in accordance with European guidelines! So this is for happy people and happy animals.
Each pair is made with microfibers that are just like a real leather, they feel, breath and water resist like leather would. The prices are also reasonable for a good quality shoe which is fabulous!
I am deeply in love with my new shoes!
They are a mix of casual vintage and smart. They finish any outfit with a stylish kick and look amazing casually too!

These are made using Burnished Italian Leath Microfibre.
I was amazed at how nice these were to wear right off the bat, they did not rub or hurt my feet in anyway. They are so soft inside also it’s like walking on clouds! They are snug but not to tight, and I really like the warm feeling this gives the old tootsies.
I can see myself getting so much use out of these over the winter, and to be fair all year around! They are a perfect addition to any wardrobe. The brushed metal eyelets give this a vintage antiqued look which I really love. The subtle details give them a sophisticated work look, however the shape is more casual which I love.
These also come in Dark Brown and Black!
I cannot wait to continue to wear these on evening walks to the woods, and fun winter runs on the beach!
The sole is nice and thick, I can tell that these shoes are going to last a real long time from the quality and craftsmanship that has gone into them!
I am a size 6 shoe in most shops and got the size 39 in these and they fit perfectly well.. so I would say they would fit the standard size most shops carry.

These shoes are amazing and I love the fact they are bridging the gap between animal cruelty and ethical animal friendly shoes. Now there is no reason to wear a leather shoe, when you can get a gorgeous pair of the same cost from Wills!
I will certainly be buying from Wills in the future.

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