The Fableists Clothing

The Fableists Clothing

The Fableists

I really love the clothing company The Fableists. It has such a cool punk edge whilst being organic and sustainable.
They call their purchasers ‘Someone with a rebellious spirit who makes a positive change’
I absolutely love the fact that their clothing and branding has a reason behind it. Although some children may not understand the meaning behind the t-shirt, it is a
conversation starter and a chance to teach your children something new!

Their clothes are based on work wear and vintage clothing. The range is also mostly unisex and such good quality they actually ask you to hand their clothes down!
Which is so refreshing, included is their own personal passport to see where your clothes have been!

I think this brand may be the most ethical and sustainable I have seen in a long long time! They have literally thought if everything.. to learn more about how
sustainable The Fableists are have a read here;

We were kindly gifted some clothes for my little treasures this past week and we love them! Some of the items we have home here are as follows;


Dark Straight Jeans

These jeans are awesome. I love the dark denim colour. They look great left as is, or rolled up. These are all made with organic cotton in ethical factories which is
always a plus in my eyes. The jeans claim to cut slightly longer than average to enable them to be grown into and turned up of wanted, they also have an elasticated
waist adjustment which means they should fit individual sizes better!
My son is age 5, almost 6 and is generally in a size 6. We have these in a size 5, and they are actually too big. We had to adjust the waist in and roll them a good
few times, I would say these are probably going to fit hi through a few more growth spurts yet!

Smock Shirt

This shirt is so cute! It is unisex and can be worn casual or dressed up to look rather smart. Again it is made with Indian organic cotton. My son really loves this
shirt as it is super soft and comfortable to wear and makes him look like daddy!

Brain T-shirt

The Fableists kindly gifted me a little t-shirt for Leah also, as she is currently two and the smallest size they make are a 3+ which is a shame as I love some of
their unisex designs. The brain top was designed by Barcelona-born Gregori Saavedra. It is a limited edition artist print.. so make sure to grab them before they go as
once they go, they are gone!
It again is amazing quality. It is a little large for my princess yet however when she fattens up a bit she will be living in it.. as it is so super cotton soft and

I Don’t Want To Be Like You T-shirt

14889936_10154051752185866_8210121226137041279_oThis I think is my sons favourite item. He loves the colour and feel of this t-shirt. This again is a limited edition so scoop them up! This one again was designed by
Gregori Saavedra. The top is based around anti-bullying. With three nasty characters towering over the smaller… it states, I don’t want to be like you when I grow
up. AKA.. I won’t be a bully. This top enabled me to start talking about bullying with my son, and got my 5 year old asking lots of important questions. I would
recommend this to anyone. It is a great topic, and something all children and adults alike should feel free to talk about with their children!

Make Art Not War T-shirt

I think this one is my favourite! I am a very artistic creative person so the meaning behind this one I found fasinating. Again it got me and my son talking.. like

adults, about what the war is and how we can promote anti-war and put our talents to other uses, such as arts! This again is limited edition, this time designed by
Anthony Peters. This is a wearable piece of art. It shows three soldiers in a typical gun shooting position however the guns.. are not guns, they are pencils, pens,
pencil sharpeners… hence, make art not war. What a lovely concept!

I would definitely recommend this brand. They have some really amazing designs, an amazing ethic are all 100% sustainable and cruelty free. Can’t get better than that!
They have an amazing idea and I particularly love the message they are putting across to parents and children and that they are trying to make the world a better
place.. one T-shirt at a time!

Much Love


See More Here;




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