Review- MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion

Review- MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion

MOA Fortifying Green Bath Potion

MOA a.k.a Magic Organic Apothecary is a beauty skin care brand that is inspired by old herbal folklore and a sprinkle of magic! The main herb used in their products is the herb Yarrow, which is sourced all over the UK, even here in the Southwest!
I really love the packaging that MOA use, it comes in a little pod with easy to read instructions and ingredients along with beautiful illustrations. Inside is the magic potion and it is just that, a beautiful glass bottle which is coloured green, like you would imagine a potion to be. The liquid itself is clear. The illustrations and writing on  he bottle look both traditional yet witch-craftesque.

When this arrived in the post I was literally blown away by the scent. It smells so amazing and calming. It is Peppermint and Fennel scented and to me it reminds me of being a child and being poorly and your parent rubbing some form of menthol rub on you to make your nose stop dripping. I love this smell.
I have used this in the bath a few times now. Firstly after a long day as suggested and it did really help me destress, it helped to clear not only my nose but my head too! For whatever reason the peppermint and fennel is actually really soothing. It fills the bathroom with a lovely strong minty scent and leaves you soaking away all your worries.

I feel this would work really well as a flu remedy, if you are felling a bit pants but don’t like to medicate too much. I feel a lovely warm bath with this magical potion would certainly clear and help soothe your flu symptoms. I am definitely going to use this not only when I feel ill or need to destress but also for my children when they are poorly. As we all know kids bring every bug going home so they often need some soothing and I feel a few drops of this in their bath before bed and they will be on their way to sleepy town. I love using natural products like this as I know not only what is in contact with my own skin but also my children’s too!
Recommend 100%

Much Love


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